Happy birthday to her Majesty The Queen Mother

18th June is Her Majesty the Queen Mother's Birthday. On behalf of the team at Mimex Trading, We wish Her Majesty Queen Mother of Cambodia Norodom Monineath Sihanouk a happy birthday! May the Queen be blessed with excellent health and perpetual happiness!

Happy Khmer New Year 2022

On behalf of Modern Import & Export (Mimex), we would like to wish all of our customers, partners, suppliers, employees and their families a prosperous Khmer New Year ahead, filled with good health and good fortune!

About Mimex

In year 2006 Mimex was established with the purpose of bringing reliable and good quality products to the hands of customers.

With our professional team and high working value we become a trustful products provider. We aim to bridge and link consumers to good products that are improving the day to day life of the people Mimex family care and love.

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