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Betagen dairy products produced from pasteurized milk and fermented with beneficial microorganisms (Lactobacillus, bacteria that create Lactic acids) in proper temperature. These microorganisms will digest lactose in milk to lactic acids, slightly sour taste with good smell. After we satisfy with the taste, smell and flavors, the dairy products will be packed in containers under aseptic filling process, which means these fermented milk will be served with good bacteria that make us healthy.

When our customers consume our dairy products, they will gain benefits from nutrition in fermented milk and from Lactobacillus to their body. Other UHT fermented milk are pasteurized with ultra-high temperature before packing which leave non beneficial bacteria’s live. After consume UHT milk, consumers will gain benefits from nutrition in fermented milk, but not from lactobacillus. Then choose the products with lactobacillus to gain health benefits from live microorganisms.

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Betagen Kombucha... Freshens You Up


Feel Lively Everyday: Betagen Light


Easy to Take Everywhere: Betagen Pine Apple


Share Extra Moments Together: Betagen Orange


Tasty with Unique Style: Betagen Strawberry


Full Size for Drinking and Good Health: Betagen Fat 0%


Betagen Yoghurt with Strawberry, Coconut, & Mixed Fruit Flavour

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Betagen Light

Betagen My Memory


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