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Modern Import & Export (Mimex) Cambodia aims at bring reliable and good quality products to the hands of customers through partnership with distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Let's work together to improve the day to day life of the people we care and love.

Government Regulations

We have a deep knowledge of import license requirements for Cambodia, and can take care of all necessary documentation.


Health & Labeling Requirements

With years of experiences, Mimex can advise on labeling requirements as well as organizing the production of labeling within Cambodia.


Storage & Handling

Mimex is well equipped and can take care of all warehousing, storing and handling of products which require an ambient or refrigerated atmosphere.



We've the resources to look after all shipping, air freight, insurance, government regulation, warehousing & distribution to point-of-sale outlets across Cambodia.


Sales & Distribution

At Mimex, our dedicated sales and support team will make sure we sell, distribute and stock every single product on an international standard.


Marketing & Advertising

We offer all the marketing functions of our distributed products in Cambodia & ensure the success of marketing and advertising campaigns.


Consulting Services

Mimex is ready to assist with your product’s success in Cambodia through our integrated consulting services.


New Products

We're always looking for products which are produced to the highest levels of quality, freshness and uniqueness. If you believe your products are ready, contact us now!

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Now Enrolling New Distributors

We are looking for new distributors in Cambodia to distribute our high quality products!

About Mimex

In year 2006 Mimex was established with the purpose of bringing reliable and good quality products to the hands of customers.

With our professional team and high working value we become a trustful products provider. We aim to bridge and link consumers to good products that are improving the day to day life of the people Mimex family care and love.

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