Fest food safety packaging

“Fest Food Safety Packaging (Fest)” started with our attention to the health and safety of consumers. We, therefore, developed hygienic and safe food packaging that could directly contact the foods in order to respond to the needs on the use of the packaging that has continuously been expanding both on food and food delivery service business as well as the world today important trend which is aware of the environment.

Fest Food Safety Packaging is committed to developing from market research and consumers’ needs study by taking into account the actions from the high quality raw material selection process, package structure designs and production process with the standard internationally certified, i. e., by GMP-EU standard, BRC, HACCP and FDA from the United States of America to be a new alternative packaging for consumers with a variety of shapes and capacities to meet every use; assurance on the cleanliness and safety by dividing Fest food safety packaging into 3 main categories which are “Fest Choice”, “Fest Bio” and “Fest Chill”.

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