Feeling of a Caring Touch

Made of 100% Pure Cotton

Karisma 100% pure cotton pads and puds or wipes, They are ideal for all kinds of baby care, beauty care and ideal for all cosmetic needs: skin cleanser, make up and nail polish removal, etc. We choose 100% pure natural cotton fiber to make soft and high absorbent cotton which is fluorescence agent and chemical free, sterilized by high temperature for hygienic.

Protect You & Your Family

Keep your environment clean and infection​-free by getting rid of virus up to 99.99 %. Help you to prevent Covid-19 virus and protect your family.

There are many advantages of Karisma Hygiene Wipes:

  • Use it to wipe hands every time after grabbing goods helps kill the virus and stay safe
  • Use it to wipe on computer and computer screen, no damage to computers
  • Use it to clean your phone screen, no damage to screen, even keep your phone clean without any virus

Karisma is safe to use and help you to prevent virus. Find out more about our Karisma Hygiene Wipes today!

Soft & Gentle Care For You & Your Family

Karisma Cotton Buds

Karisma Skinny Cotton Buds

Karisma Cotton Pads

Karisma Cotton Pads

Cotton Baby Wipes

Cotton Baby Wipes 10pcs

Cotton Baby Wipes box

Karisma/ Pure and mild baby wipe 80PCS

Serious Hygiene Wipes

Serious Hygiene Wipes

Karisma Skinny Cotton Pads

Skinny Cotton Pads

Karisma Ideal

Karisma ideal Cotton Pads

A Caring Touch For Everyone's Comfort

Ideal Cleansing Cotton Pads

Baby Dry Wipe

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We are looking for new distributors in Cambodia to distribute Karisma cotton products.

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